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What is Ma’adan?

Ma’adan is an appetizing store. We have prepared foods that are ready for takeout. The Store has 2 Counters> A Meat side, which has deli meats, rotisserie chickens and an amazing aray of prepared meat and Salad Dishes. And a Dairy/ Parve side which has prepared salads, Fresh Smoked Fishes and great Cheeses.

Ma’adan also caters many functions from Office Lunches to Weddings and everything in between.

Ma’adan also sells fine Liquors, wines and Beers.

How does Ma’adan’s online ordering work?

Place your order on Ma’adan .com

  • Enter Your Login
  • Choose products and quantities to the shopping cart
  • Checkout

Next we put your order “In to the works”

  • You may get an email or call with questions about availability (optional) or Clarification
  • We will then charge your Credit card. This amount may vary from your checkout amount do to weighed merchandise.

What are Ma’adan’s Hours of Operation?

  • Ma’adan is open Sunday through Friday
  • Monday-Wednesday 7:30 A.M.- 7 PM
  • Thursday 7:30AM- 8PM
  • Friday 7:30 am- 4 PM, Until 2PM during winter months
  • Please check the website, Facebook or Instagram for Holiday hours.

All Prices online are the same as in store with exception of in store Specials.

Ma’adan is a Glatt Kosher establishment and all food items have been approved by the RCBC (Rabinical Council of Bergen County.

For further questions please feel free to contact us.

Where is your Kosher Deli Located?

Our kosher deli is conveniently located in Teaneck, NJ on Cedar Lane. For over 20 years Ma’adan has been proudly serving kosher takeout to the NJ/NY metropolitan area. Located five miles west of George Washington Bridge, we are a one-stop shopping destination for all your kosher culinary needs. Our kosher deli is open from 7:30 Am to 7:00 PM everyday beside Saturday, the Sabbath.

Does your Kosher Deli provide catering?

Yes, our kosher deli provides catered delivery of our Glatt Kosher cuisine to the NJ/NY metropolitan area including deliveries to Bergen County, Essex Counties. We offer fresh nationwide delivery and local pick-ups to our valued customers, so we can accommodate you no matter where you are located. For more information about our Essex County Kosher catering company, give us a call today at 1-800-MAADAN1 or 1-201-692-0192.

Can you ship your kosher food nationally?

We offer delivery of our fresh kosher foods for nationwide delivery and local pick-ups to our valued customers, so we can provide you and your guests with our delicious kosher no matter where you are located. Ma’adan also offers and prepares kosher catering suitable for any celebration. From gift baskets to complete sit-down dinners, our kosher catering service is very popular during all Jewish holidays.

What Kosher Platters do you offer?

Ma’adan provides a wide variety of Kosher meat and chicken platters including fruit and salads platters to accommodate that are suitable for any celebration. From Deli Platters, sandwich platter to Assorted Julianna Chicken platter, our deli catering service will provide you with everything you need including dessert platters. Our kosher food platters are available in different sizes to accommodate your party or religious observation.

Does “kosher” mean a rabbi blessed the food?

Not necessarily. There is no blessing a rabbi (or any person for that matter) can say to make food kosher. The term “Kosher” refers to the ingredients within a given product that are Biblically and Rabbinically permitted. Permitted animals must be prepared then soaked and salted in a specific manner that makes their meat kosher. Meat products and Dairy products are kept separate from other non-kosher food items during this process. The main objective of the kosher supervisor is to ensure that all the ingredients during the process are kept in a kosher manner

Why do Jewish people keep kosher?

Since not all Jewish people observe the kosher laws, as in other religious dominations. Since Judaism has many different backgrounds because they have emigrated from different places of the world, there are many also levels of observance. Those Jewish people who do keep kosher and “observe the laws of Kashrut” are likely to adhere to different reasons as to why they keep kosher. Jewish people observe the kosher laws because they adhere to the of biblical commandments from God.

What are the differences between each kosher symbols?

Since there are over 1100 Kosher symbols (heksherim) used today, a kosher symbol on a food product indicates that the product is certified as kosher by a supervision agency. The symbol indicates which agency certifies the product. To know which symbols to trust for your community, contact your local rabbinic authority. MSP Kosher only approves nationally recognized Kosher symbols.

What does glatt kosher mean?

The original meaning of the word “Glatt” literally means “smooth” In Kosher food preparation, this means that the meat from animals with smooth or defect-free lungs. Today the term has developed were “glatt kosher” represents that the product was processed under a stricter standard of kashrut.

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Kosher Food FAQs NJ