Slightly sweet and aromatic, full of tropical fruit aromas, with Muscat flavors folded into delicate, pleasant floral notes. The Muscat of Alexandria grapes arrived to the winery in the morning after being mechanically harvested. They are immediately, gently and quickly, pressed in order to obtain high quality white must. The must is transferred to insulated refrigerated tanks for 24 hours in order to separate the clean juice from the sediment. After decantation of the must, yeast is added and fermentation begins. This lasts for about two weeks at a temperature of 14°C in order to preserve the wine’s floral aroma. Toward the end of the fermentation process, the wine is cooled, and then filtered to stop fermentation and retain some of the wine’s sweetness. The Viognier grapes are harvested about one week later, and then undergo a similar process, although they are fermented until dry. Finally, several tasters from the winery’s tasting panel decide on the final blend – 65% Muscat of Alexandria and 35% Viognier. The wine does not undergo malolactic fermentation, in order to maintain its crisp, fresh qualities.